New generation apparatus working in two directions at once: sunburn and skin health improvement. Collarium presented in Bridge Resort Wellness Club combines the functions of solarium and collagenarium:

What is the Collarium?

Innovative light therapy forcing elastic collagen frame to work inside without additional external manipulation. Collagen protein is the same construction substance of connective tissues, which ensures skin elasticity and soft tissues tone. Natural synthetic collagen factor is decreasing with age. Thus, skin receives wrinckles and muscles lose elasticity.

Collarium is elaborated for those, who seek to be young and beautiful always. Ultraviolet becomes soft under the influence of red light and carefully lays on the skin. Sunburn in collarium suites ideally even to most light skin. Ultraviolet lamps in collarium provide light and pleasant sunburn colour without photoaging and also increase Vitamin D3 content in the human body. Red light beams block negative ultraviolet impact on the skin and prevent foundation of the senile pigmentation spots and freckles. Red light in collarium recovers own collagen and elastine of the skin and improves general health condition with the aid of unique impact of the light combined with ultraviolet.

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